About Us

Welcome to Artsy Affair Home, the place where passion for decoration meets sustainability and elegance! A small family brand that brings with it years of experience in the textile industry and the creative marketing and design industry, with a clear objective: to offer home products that combine comfort, style and environmental responsibility.

At Artsy Affair Home, we believe that decor is a form of personal expression, which is why we put so much love and care into every detail of our products. We work with the best local materials, ensuring exceptional quality and a touch of authenticity in each piece.

But our passion goes beyond design. We are committed to sustainability and reducing textile waste. That's why we use leftover fabrics from large industrial orders, giving them a new life and preventing them from being discarded. Therefore, each product you purchase from Artsy Affair Home is unique, not mass-produced. We do not work with product stock.

We want your home decor to be personalized, conscious and full of heart. After all, your home is a reflection of your style and values. So, join us on this journey of decorating with purpose. Discover our exclusive products and be part of our history.




At Artsy Affair Home, our mission is to decorate homes with sustainable, original and unique products, all made in Portugal. Our goal is to bring beauty and comfort to homes, at the same time we are committed to not creating a negative impact on the environment by exploiting industry surplus products.


We aim to recognize you as excellent ambassadors of the best Portuguese textile products. We want to show the world the quality and creativity that our industry has to offer, without compromising the environment. We wish to be a positive force in reducing the ecological footprint of this industry by offering a selection of original and inspiring products.


At Artsy Affair Home, we believe and live our values. We are committed to creating a positive impact in the decoration sector, offering sustainable and original products that delight our customers. Join us on this journey.